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My little blog space to chronicle my journey through life with focuses on weight loss, my pin up transition, my relationship, my struggles and my triumphs.

Binge Free Periods:

5/2011 - 4/2012

4/2012 - 10/2012

11/2012 - Present

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Binging and me

Binge Free Periods:

5/2011 - 4/2012

4/2012 - 10/2012

11/2012 - Present

Previous chronic binger of 9 years

Eat less and live longer. We don’t need the amount of food that most of us in the Western World are accustomed to. The media and marketing industry has a lot to answer for: it often actively creates a “need” to over consume. Our ancestors after far more active than we are - and ate less food. Hands up who eats not only breakfast, but morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert? It’s no wonder the battle to beat the bulge has become epidemic.

Often we think we’re hungry right around the clock, because we’re trained to over consume. Food is abundant and cheap. Our stomachs are stretched. We crave food not because we are hungry, but because we’re addicted.

Our body is an amazing piece of machinery; if you give it something regularly enough and in large enough quantities, it thinks it needs it. Cravings are a distress signal issued by the body when it’s deprived of its addiction. But if you can ignore the cravings, they’ll eventually go away (I promise). And so will that extra layer of fat. You have to retrain your mind to let you eat what you need - no more, no less - and you achieve this by first transforming your eating habits.

—Aussie body diet and detox plan - by Saimaa Miller
#personal #binging #healthy #weight loss
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