A blog about a girl who just wants to find her way to a healthy and happier self, both in body and mind

Missi | 23 | Single | Sydney Australia

Healthy ladies lurking


SW: 85kg (187lbs)

CW: 76.7kg (169lbs)

GW: 60kg (132lbs)


Runner | Lifter | Lover | Former Binger

Secretly a mermaid

My little blog space to chronicle my journey through life with focuses on weight loss, my pin up transition, my relationship, my struggles and my triumphs.

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Binge Free Periods:

5/2011 - 4/2012

4/2012 - 10/2012

11/2012 - Present

Pin up

I am also a fledgling pin up model who goes under the alias of Miss Osiria Rose! Check my links for my modelling related info. Publications to date: Classy Keen Magazine Vol 10




    β€œHow would people feel if a complete stranger walked up to them and demanded answers to intrusive personal questions? You have every right to choose what u want to share with complete strangers. So glad you're happy best wishes x”

    I once said that asking anon questions is the equivalent of walking upto a total stranger in a full body spandex suit and asking them super personal questions. After all the hell I coped about my last relationship I’ve decided to keep that part of my life mostly private now. Thank you for the support anon x

    I said I wanted steak so he took me for steak πŸ˜† #food

    I said I wanted steak so he took me for steak πŸ˜† #food

    β€œyoure by far one of my favourites, and i hope you have a fabulous day! (i also wish people would stop being so nosey...)”

    You are positively delightful! Thank you gorgeous!! 😘

    Lunch - Vietnamese chicken noodle salad #food

    Lunch - Vietnamese chicken noodle salad #food

    β€œWould you say you and your guy and exclusive now? I'm really happy you've found happiness again :)”

    None of your business sorry. We are happy. Thank you x

    β€œJust answer this one: is your new man younger or older than your last partner.”

    I’ll never share personal details of my partners here again. Ever. Are you that stupid you can’t comprehend that? Fuck off

    β€œwhat is one of your favourite things to do with period cramps? except for taking medication. at work right now and have none! :(”

    When I do get them, which is rare, I aim for Epsom sald or radox baths. Failing that hot water bottles

    β€œI had this super random dream the other night that you moved near me and we became best friends and it was awesome! hahaha.”

    Sounds like an awesome dream indeed :) πŸ˜€

    β€œHow old is the new man ?”

    I believe the answer is none of your business :) have a wonderful day! X

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